Raja Ram’s TamedBeast, FZ6-Raven-S2

Welcome to my page.

I ride my FZ6, Yamaha, rain or shine. Its a wonderful beast, pounding with 90 horses. This 600cc road king is good for a daily commute, track-day, occasional 1/4 mile race with a fellow rider , touring a long drive, twisties on a mountain road. It’s an all-rounder Streetbike, which will never let you down in any kind of situations on the road. FZ6 is a detuned R6, the evil twin, but once I hit 8k RPM, you unleash the beast out of it. This bike is good at everything,

It’s a fun packed machine, which can make a rider’s dream come true.

Here are some pictures from the ride to Brown Mountain and back roads near Linville Falls, N.C.,


Recently added OPT7 12-pc LED kit underglow:

DSC_2637 DSC_2638 DSC_2640 DSC_2641 DSC_2643 DSC_2646DSC_2644

About Myself:

I’m riding in Charlotte, N.C, had this bike from March 29th, 2015, bought at 3200 miles, adding about 1000 miles per month.

I like to do a long ride over the weekend, occasional track day. I love to hit the Mountain Twisties. When I’m feeling low, I put on the gear, take the beast for a long drive on interstate, come back home with a fresh mind.

About My Beast:

As of today it is a bone stock with no performance mods, whatsoever.

Coming to the list of add-ons I have:

  • Cortech 2.0 tank bag
  • 12v charger and USB port, waterproof
  • Red Reflective Rim tape
  • LED undercarriage, multi-color, I usually use White only.
  • Black, Red Nonslip Foam Handle Bar Grips 4 Pcs
  • Yamaha Frame Sliders
  • Scorpio SR-i900R
  • Fender Eliminator
  • Sony AZ1VR with handlebar/chest/helmet mount.

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